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McHugh Furnishings is proud to bring DeBourgh Lockers to the New York-Metropolitan market. No other locker and storage equipment manufacturer can match the quality of their work. In fact, it’s not even particularly close.

DeBourgh’s all-welded lockers have no competition. From component strength to paint finish, every detail of a DeBourgh locker far surpasses their competitors. Once an end-user buys a DeBourgh, they become a long-term, repeat customer.



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First Complete High School Smart Locker Program in the Country

McHugh Furnishings together with DeBourgh Lockers and Gantner, are proud to bring to the Baldwin UFSD the first complete High School Smart Locker program in the country.

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DeBourgh Lockers: The Premier Locker and Storage Equipment Manufacturer

For years, the locker industry sold 24-gauge lockers with 16-gauge stores to the general educational public. DeBourgh changed the industry considerably by introducing an 18-gauge all-welded locker that was substantially stronger than anything on the market. It’s important to note that 18-gauge locker parts are twice as thick as 24-gauge locker parts. Despite the fact that they doubled the gauge, DeBourgh was able to do this at a price point that competed with the 24-gauge knock-down locker market.

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Electronic Secure Access Lockers

Despite the fact that DeBourgh makes the very best lockers and storage equipment in today’s market, they have focused upon bringing their lockers into a new security arena with RFID technology for locker access.

We here at McHugh are thankful to bring not only the finest lockers made in the industry, but to add to that lineup with RFID locking devices and access control storage system lockers. DeBourgh continues to move away from the pack, and we are fortunate to be their exclusive New York representatives.

What is RFID Technology?

What that means is that every unit is accessible with an RFID card. This allows schools to avoid assigning lockers, allowing students to instead use the most convenient one available. Most importantly, electronic secure access allows for the school to open and close any (or all) lockers at once. It also provides a history of who used which unit and when. These security advantages make the DeBourgh electronic locker series the most secure solution in education.

Athletic Lockers

For athletic lockers, there is no manufacturer that still makes the premium quality angle frame locker. There really is nothing like it in the industry. These lockers are welded with angle iron frame construction, which envelops the entire locker body. In fact, you can take a baseball bat to it repeatedly and still not see a blemish. There is no athletic locker that will last as long as DeBourgh’s angle frame lockers.

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