In partnership with FrameWorks IoT, McHugh Furnishings is proud to bring
intelligent storage to higher education spaces.

Educational Furnishings

McHugh Furnishings has specialized in providing the finest education furnishings and equipment since 1938. McHugh has even become the recognized provider for complete school furnishings, including furniture, equipment, public seating, library furniture and athletic facilities.

Our mission is to continually provide quality products and superior service to our dedicated educational clientele.

Premium Educational Furnishings

McHugh Furnishings brings to the education market the very best manufactured casework, furniture and seating, as well as high-end loose furniture for the library, classroom and cafeteria. We provide all of these premium products, both domestically and internationally, with uncompromised integrity.

Our Work

Here at McHugh, our team encourages each client to utilize our layout, engineering, specification and budget services to assist in the development of projects, such as:

  • Auditorium seating
  • Cafeteria tables
  • Classroom furniture
  • Grandstands
  • Indoor bleachers
  • Library furniture
  • Lockers, including secure access control lockers
  • Music casework
  • Office furniture
  • Science/lab casework

High Quality Furnishings for Every Project

Check out our new RFID Access Controlled Locker Systems

Exclusive Relationships

Further, we are proud to state that many of our current manufacturing relationships date back to the 1930s, including our exclusive manufacturers:

These enduring partnerships enable us to offer the finest educational furnishings at competitive pricing.

Exclusive McHugh Education Manufacturers

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