In partnership with FrameWorks IoT, McHugh Furnishings is proud to bring
intelligent storage to healthcare spaces.

Healthcare Furnishings

McHugh Furnishings specializes in custom casework, laboratory and patient care furnishings for the rapidly-expanding healthcare marketplace. Our dedicated team can provide a wide range of services, from furnishing waiting rooms to supplying and installing casework for entire hospitals.

Our Work

Here at McHugh, we are uniquely positioned to offer clients the absolute best value for healthcare furniture and equipment, including:

  • Computer furniture
  • Custom millwork
  • Lockers and storage equipment
  • Mobile tables and seating systems
  • Office furniture
  • Plastic laminate casework systems
  • Stainless steel/epoxy coated casework
  • Steel shelving and storage cabinets
  • Visual communications products
  • Wood casework systems
  • Wall panel systems

While the company has always had its share of fixed hospital furnishings, our recent growth has been found in the medical casework and millwork specialties. Additionally, we now also provide electronic secure access lockers, exclusively from DeBourgh.

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