Kitchen Cabinetry

McHugh Furnishings entered the housing market roughly 15 years ago at the suggestion of one of our leading installers. They asked what we did between education market periods. Our simple answer was that we waited for the next season to sell educational and medical casework. At the suggestion of this installer, we jumped into the housing market. And as they indicated to us, the housing and kitchen cabinetry industries were much simpler than science labs and medical casework.

Now, McHugh proudly brings distinctive, quality cabinetry manufacturers to the multi-family housing market in the New York-Metropolitan area.


Aspen Kitchen Cabinetry


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Leedo Kitchen Furnishings

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Our Kitchen Cabinetry Manufacturers

JSI Cabinetry is a leading kitchen and bathroom vanity manufacturer located in Massachusetts. They specialize in mid-level to upper-level housing developments.

The best part of JSI, aside from their signature quality and value, is the fact that they have a deep stock of every SKU in their manufacturing plant, which is located in Fall River, Massachusetts. This allows us to order approximately five to eight kitchen cabinetry projects of any style, at any time, and expect delivery within 10 days.

For developers who only seek cabinetry furnishings at the time of the unit purchase, there’s no better solution on the market today than JSI.

For quality cabinets in a short, five to six week turnaround, we turn to Leedo Cabinetry in Texas. Their domestic sources and modern manufacturing facility ensure high-quality products at competitive prices. Their premium product lineup can meet any aesthetic or design, from traditional to contemporary.

Together with Leedo, we can compete with the top foreign manufacturers. Leedo is strong in their mid-market presence, so we are very proud and excited about bringing them to New York. Whether cabinetry is needed for millennial rentals or senior housing, they have the style, cache and quality to meet all markets with a proven, domestic manufacturing facility. It is quality you can count on on a repeat basis.

That’s why, time and time again, developers are pleased with the quality and price point of McHugh’s kitchen cabinetry offerings.

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