Auditorium / Theater / Stadium Seating

McHugh proudly furnishes auditorium, theater and stadium seating projects with the finest products on the market, from leading manufacturers like Irwin Seating.

H. Greeley HS Auditorium Seating

Grandstands & Telescopic Bleachers

Recreational and educational facilities deserve high-quality grandstands and telescopic bleachers, and McHugh Furnishings is here to provide them.

Nassau Coliseum Seating

Science & Lab Casework Systems

McHugh Furnishings has enjoyed decades of experience providing premium science and lab casework systems for the healthcare and educational markets.

Westbury HS Lab

Lockers & Storage Equipment

For your locker and storage equipment needs, there’s no better or more qualified manufacturer of products for all market sectors than DeBourgh Lockers.

Install Close Lockers

Kitchen Cabinetry

Our team is well-versed in outfitting the multi-family housing market with distinctive kitchen cabinetry products from choice manufacturers.

Aspen Kitchen Cabinetry


Beyond furnishings and casework systems, McHugh Furnishings also specializes in loose furniture for a wide range of uses and market sectors.

SUNY Old Westbury Furniture