Science & Lab Casework Systems

McHugh Furnishings dates back to 1878, when its founder started making mission furniture long before mission furniture was even a concept. Today, we proudly bring manufactured science and lab casework solutions to the education, healthcare, recreation and multi-family housing markets.

Additionally, for projects that demand casework and millwork symmetry, McHugh offers casework in harmony with local manufacturing resources, to ensure a consistent, elegant finish throughout.

McHugh Furnishings is proud to be the education and healthcare sectors’ primary provider of innovative casework systems and solutions.

Not only do we install casework in wood, steel, plastic laminate and phenolic resin, we also furnish and install related counter top surfaces using the very same materials.


Lawrence HS Science Lab

Lawrence HS

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Westbury HS

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For the K-12 education market, we supply casework systems like cabinetry and tops for STEAM laboratory environments, as well as miscellaneous cabinetry throughout the school.

However, for the healthcare market, we deliver cabinetry and counter tops for laboratories, operating rooms, exam rooms and pharmaceutical storage.

No matter which sector you’re in or what products you’re in the market for, McHugh Furnishings has all of the caseworks systems you’ll need and more.

Holy Trinity Science Lab

Science and Lab Casework Manufacturers

For science and lab casework, McHugh’s origins, after its initial start in mission furniture, were based on innovative science classroom solutions dating back as far as 1938 with Sheldon Laboratory Systems. Today, McHugh represents all three of the Sheldon lab furnishing companies, including:

Each of these three leading science lab casework manufacturers represents a different place in a very niche market. McHugh is proud to bring all three of these leading manufacturers and their specialties to New York science labs.

McHugh is also honored to bring Wisconsin Bench, one of the nation’s largest and preeminent quality plastic laminate manufacturers, to the New York-Metropolitan market. Whenever we install plastic laminate casework manufactured by Wisconsin Bench, customers are always surprised by the rugged quality of their products.

Our most prominent steel manufacturing supplier is Lab Design. Their quality steel science and lab casework is at more than an attractive price point. Even more impressive is that we can produce any quality steel job, including stainless, within five weeks of approved drawings. That makes the Lab Design and McHugh collaboration an attractive solution for steel casework in local markets.

Finally, we have several manufacturers who produce high-quality phenolic lab casework solutions. Phenolic comes at a greater cost, but also has a special place for lockers and healthcare solutions in wet environments. We’re always willing to provide a phenolic alternative to all projects, knowing that customers need to make value-based, long-term decisions for phenolic, steel, plastic laminate or wood.

Due to our enduring, long-term relationships, McHugh is fortunate to bring such leading manufacturers to the world of lab casework.

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