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Dear Friends of McHugh;

We hope this message finds you well in this difficult and challenging time. We are doing our best to maintain the delicate balance of protecting our loved ones and maintaining some semblance of work going forward.

First, we have taken the necessary steps of setting up our employees with home office capabilities. If you are unsure as to who to call on a particular project, you can reach our Sales Coordinator, Joanne Skinner, on her office phone (631-533-5078) for further assistance.

Regarding our manufacturers, they are recognized leaders in their respective industries. They all are highly organized, well financed, and well positioned to overcome production hurdles. In addition, they are all located in the US and utilize American-made parts. In fact, some are in remote areas of the country that are considerably less impacted by this outbreak and others are in states which have deemed their manufacturing to qualify as essential.

In addition, our health care manufacturing partners are working diligently to ship necessary furnishings immediately from in-stock programs and manufacturing needed case goods in a 10 day to 3 week time period. Further, we have teamed up with a leading commercial furniture leasing company to help bring in their resources to help solve this immediate need for medical furnishings. In sum, they are all moving with every available resource to assist in this challenging battle.

Be safe, stay healthy and continue to be diligent.

Best regards,
Jeffrey Mulhall